Our Goals
Never stop discovering what Jack and others have to say about dinosaurs!

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire interest, understanding, and passion for dinosaurs and paleontology. By doing so, we hope to elevate children’s confidence in their ability to learn about science and the world in unexpected and engaging ways.

Our Mission

Our mission is to galvanize adventurers of all ages to explore the vibrant and astonishing world of dinosaurs through Jack Horner’s revolutionary scientific discoveries and theories.

Drawing on Jack’s paleontology expertise, we produce products and services that communicate cutting-edge insights about the lives of dinosaurs and the thrill of science.

We develop cross-platform opportunities for personal discovery through scientifically grounded and awe-inspiring experiences.

Our Values

Our values can be summed up in one phrase:

Never stop discovering

By providing opportunities for self-driven discovery that build confidence and commitment

By emphasizing the importance of detective work and finding “evidence” before scientific theory

By sharing cutting-edge scientific findings in clear and exciting ways

By highlighting that all science is connected, adventuresome, and collaborative

Our Key Aims

We make it simple to share Jack's ideas.


To create a platform for virtual and media experiences and exhibitions using the latest technologies, exhibitions, media, and retail products


To offer partners and investors the opportunity to join us in branding or creating experiences that inspire interest in exploration, science, and adventure


To spread discovery from his dynamic lectures of Jack Horner’s latest dinosaur theories and personal thoughts on working as a dyslexic scientist