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Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs

Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs is the original and inspiring brand launched through our company, Horner Science Group LLC (HSG). With our science, business, and creative skills, we work closely with investors and partners to spark interest, understanding, and passion for dinosaurs and science in children of all ages and backgrounds from around the world.

Jack Horner’s mission is to share his deep insights into the life and times of dinosaurs by creating entertaining and educational experiences for dinosaur fans. He does this visionary work while continuing to unearth new dinosaur and scientific discoveries with his students, colleagues, friends, and partners.

HSG is developing an exciting platform for virtual and media experiences and exhibitions. We are also licensing Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs and its attention-grabbing sub-brands to partners who share our sense of discovery and adventure.

John R. “Jack” Horner

Jack Horner is a world-renowned paleontologist, acclaimed for his fieldwork and research on dinosaur growth and behaviors, his discoveries of the first dinosaur eggs and embryos in the Western Hemisphere, and his unearthing of the first evidence of dinosaur colonial nesting and parental care among dinosaurs. An important dinosaur discovered in Montana was named after Jack in April 2017: Daspletosaurus horneri (Horner’s frightful lizard).

A technical advisor for the Jurassic Park movies, including the Jurassic World sequel in development by Universal Studios, he is also the inspiration for the series’ lead character, Dr. Alan Grant. Jack is always in demand: his TED talks attract millions of viewers, his lectures draw big crowds, and his books and scientific publications are widely read.

For more about Jack, his life, his dyslexia, his accomplishments, go to Jack Horner’s Dinosaurs:

Current Work

Regent’s Professor of Paleontology Emeritus,
Montana State University

Presidential Fellow,
Chapman University

Research Associate, Burke Museum,
University of Washington

Research Associate,
Museum of Paleontology, UC Berkeley

Research Associate,
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

MacArthur Fellow

National Geographic Explorer

Scientific Consultant,
Universal Studios’ Jurassic Park and Worlds

Scientific Consultant,
Victory Hill’s Exhibition’s Jurassic World: The Exhibition

Scientific Consultant,
Base Hologram

Professional Affiliations

Society of Vertebrate Paleontologists

Paleontological Society

For more insight into Jack’s life and future plans, see the Spring 2016 issue of MSU’s Magazine 'Mountains & Minds.'

An in depth look at Jack’s start in science, his prolific career, and how both dyslexia and philanthropy played important roles in his success can be found in the Cover Story, 'The Dino Discoverer – how a misfit revolutionized paleontology with a big boost from philanthropy,' from the Winter 2015 Issue of Philanthropy Magazine, written by Ari N. Schulman.

To learn more about how Jack’s interest in dinosaurs and learning ‘how to do science’, watch his YouTube lecture “Dyslexic Advantage: the Dinosaur Hunter Jack Horner.”

Audrey O’Connell

Audrey’s life and career experience spans across several decades and most continents. After eight years in the US-inbound tourism business, she moved into the museum field, first in the United States and then in the United Kingdom. A role in major gift development and public relations for the Museum of the Rockies at Montana State University led to a long and exciting career at the Natural History Museum in London, where she established and operated two successful commercial businesses: Touring Exhibitions, and Planning and Design Consulting.

Audrey is well known across the museum world and attraction industry sectors as a trusted advisor and catalyst for bringing people, ideas, projects, and partnerships together. She is an experienced international museum specialist with a powerful reputation for working with all types of organizations in the creative industries to market, develop, design, and operate successful and authentic cultural exhibits, attractions, and destinations. Adept at creating business opportunities for museum products and services, Audrey effectively acts as a bridge between industry sectors and serves as a cultural intermediary for projects in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

In 2013, Audrey opened her consulting practice, Audrey O’Connell + Associates, which has advised the United Kingdom’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, commercial clients in the Middle East, museums, and technology infrastructure developers. Setting up Horner Science Group with Jack is a natural fit for Audrey, commercially and creatively, and an exciting next step in her career.

Current Work

Co-owner and business director, Horner Science Group LLC

Owner and Principal, Audrey O’Connell + Associates

Professional Affiliations

American Alliance of Museums

Association of Science-Technology Centers

European Network of Science Centers and Museums

International Association of Parks & Attractions

Themed Entertainment Association

What They’re Saying

Audrey is one of those rare individuals who combines proven business savvy with a deep understanding of both cultural and leisure markets.

Keith JamesCEO/Owner, Jack Rouse Associates

"Audrey O’Connell knows the cultural and leisure market inside out. I know of no one better who can build strong relationships within an organization and forge partnerships between organizations. In the field of organizational advocacy and business development, Audrey is exemplary. She is someone who certainly makes things happen and has great skill in ensuring that projects are realized for maximum impact."

Sharon AmentDirector, Museum of London